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Healthy Children

Healthy Children - Concern about the health and nutritional status of Australian children has heightened recently with figures showing one in five children are now overweight or obese and 20-25% do not undertake sufficient amounts of physical activity. Overweight and obesity doubled in Australia?s school aged children between 1985 and 1995 and while many children are over fed and under exercised, a significant number are not meeting the recommended dietary intakes for some key nutrients. This situation indicates that some children are consuming excessive amounts of kilojoules from foods and drinks which are not providing sufficient quantities of key nutrients. 

As children can often be fussy eaters, and as there requirements are increased due to activity, infection and food quality, we recommend all parents consider a multivitamin and mineral formulation specifically designed for children. Pleasant tasting chewable tablets make dosing easy. Natural supplements can also shorten the duration of the common cold, letting child and the family get some much needed sleep!

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