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Bioglan Active Magnesium PM Deep Sleep Powder 240g x 3 Pack


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Bioglan Active Magnesium PM Deep Sleep Formula powder contains a high strength dose of highly absorbable Magnesium Glycinate combined with California poppy and the sedative herb Hops, which is traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to reduce the time to fall asleep and promote deep sleep.

Bioglan Active Magnesium PM Deep Sleep Formula Powder:

  • Hops are Traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to Reduce Time to Fall Asleep and Promote a Deep Sleep and Improve Sleep Quality
  • Magnesium supports Healthy Stress Response in the Body
  • Magnesium relives Muscle Aches, Pain & Cramps when dietary intake is inadequate

Insufficient sleep can considerably impact your daily routine and quality of life. That’s why Bioglan created  Active Magnesium PM Deep Sleep Formula Powder, a delicious citrus flavoured drink powder that can help support your body receive a deep & quality sleep.

Adults 18yo+: Mix 1 scoop (6g) of powder into 200 ml water or juice in the evening 1 hour before bed, or as advised by your health professional

240g x 3 Pack = 720g


Each 6g of Oral Powder or Dose (1 Scoop) :

  • Magnesium glycinate 2.48g equiv. to Magnesium 350mg
  • Humulus lupulus (Hops) flower ext. dry conc. 50mg equiv. to H. lupulus flower dry 500mg
  • Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy) herb flowering ext. dry conc. 50mg equiv. to E. californica herb flowering dry 1000mg

If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Contains sucralose and sulfites

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